Gear for gun sports

There are 3 kinds of gun sports that are not so complicated and can be played by teenagers: Tactical Laser Tag, Paintball and Airsoft (Skirmish)

Paintball Gear

Paintball is one of the oldest gun sports. There is a legend that in 1878 France began to train its troops with guns shooting the paint. The story also runs that paintball was born in the 1970s in CIA or was invented by Mossad. But the the most common version is that first paintball guns were created for cowboys for labeling cows and horses. Real games started only in 1972-1976 after invention of first sport paintball markers. So the Paintball is the game where players and teams play with guns that fire with the balls with paint. The shot is usually powered with compressed gas. Since the firing range in paintball sport is about 20 meters, and even despite the fact that markers handle bursts, this game is some type of a pistol fight. Oldest producer of paintball guns is Trippan.

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LaserTag Gear

Tactical Laser Tag that is also called Laser ball or Laser Skirmish is the game where players use guns with infrared emitters and vests and headbands with hit sensors. Don’t muddle Laser Tag and Q-zar. Laser Tag is usually a tactical military simulation game, and q-zar is usually indoor futuristic laser game.
Laser Tag players usually use special Laser Tag equipment (Guns, vests, grenades, mines, respawn devices and so on).  The most advanced producer of laser tag equipment is Laserwar.

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AirSoft Gear

Airsoft is one of the most exiting gun sports. Some argue that airsoft was born in Japan after the end of the WW2 when in accordance with the Japanese Instrument of Surrender Japan was not allowed to have armed forces, military weapons and carry out military exercises. As an alternative to military weapons Japanese inventors created pneumatic copies of such combat weapons, firing with plastic balls without causing damage. Such low-power smoothbore air guns also called “soft pneumatics” used plastic spherical projectiles of 6 or 8 mm caliber (sometimes also called BBs), not containing color pigments (that distinguishes this game from paintball) was called airsoft guns. The main type of guns are EPG (electro-pneumatic guns). The main difference of this game from other types of war games is that in Airsoft players use guns that have similar appearance or replicas of real combat guns.

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