Airsoft Guns

The main element of airsoft player gear is airsoft gun.
As in paintball shooting in airsoft is also made with the power of compressed gas and a pellet is compact compressed is a plastic ball with 6 or 8 mm diameter and weight from 0.12 to 0.43 g.

Types of Airsoft guns:

Spring models. In spring models charging is performed with the use of players muscle power. Spring models mostly used in sniper rifles and shotguns.

Automatic electric guns (AEG). Such guns have electric motor air compressor and reduction gear powered by a battery (it is the most common type of equipment in Airsoft). In most cases such guns allows automatic fire at a rate of about 700 – 800 rounds per minute and maximum distance nearly 80 meters. Such models have hop-up device that make ball path more sustainable and increasing the effective range. The Shooter can change the ball twisting force, reaching the highest range with sufficient accuracy. Usually such guns use 8.4V voltage electric motors.

Gas-powered guns (GAS) – uses compressed gas mixture or carbon dioxide injected through the valve into the handle. After the trigger squeeze device opens for a short time metering unit that is filled with gas. Expanding gas pushes the ball from the chamber. The ball is twisted upwards by special form rubber gasket placed at the beginning of the barrel channel. All such models are equipped with such adjustable Hop-up system. Effective range of gas systems-powered models is more than 20 meters. Some gas-powered pistols has Blow back gas system where compressed air is pumped directly into the magazine. When shooting such pistol makes bolt carrier move back, simulating the blow-back of a real gun.

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