What is laser tag gun?

Laser tag gun (also called laser tagger or laser marker) is a gun that shots with infrared rays.

Laser Tag gun usually consists of:
1. IR emitter on the front of the barrel;
2. Laser tag electronics (main board, processor);
3. Wifi, Bluetooth or radio communication modules for communication with hit sensor devices (headband and vests)
4. In some cases guns have built in hit sensors
5. Speaker for special sounds (fire, reloading, wounding, death, new game and so on).
6. Battery with socket for the charger;
7. On/Off, reloading and other special buttons

Usually Laser tag gun has a special designed body that is made from high-impact plastic.
Typically, laser tag guns are divided into 2 types: for personal use and renting guns.
The second type guns as a rule are much more reliable because they are designed to withstand significant lateral loads without damage and fractures.

Furthermore laser tag guns are divided into the arena and outdoor laser taggers. Arena guns usually looks very futuristic (usually like the pistols that can be held with two hands). Outdoor laser guns usually look like real combat weapons.

Outdoor laser tag guns (tactical guns) usually are divided as well as a combat guns into the following types:
– pistols
– sub-machine pistols
– assault rifles
– sniper rifles
– shotguns
– grenade launchers.

In some countries where it is permitted by local law laser tag guns can be made or can be rebuilt from airsoft gun body or even from deactivated combat guns.