What is Paintball gun?

Paintball gun, also called paintball marker is an airgun that shoots with ball pellets filled with paint. Shooting is made with the power of compressed air or gas (propellant) in the compact compressed air tanks, which are usually put into the marker.

There are several versions of paintball gun origin in the history. According to the one such paintball guns appeared in France of the nineteenth century and were used for training French army. According to another version first paintball guns were designed for labeling cattle and trees.

Officially, paint ball game appeared at 27 of June 1981 in the United States when first 10 players hold paintball game. First game balls used oil, but such paint washed pretty hard. In 1984-1985 years players began to use gelatin balls that were filled with water-soluble paint.

First paintball gun was made in 1970s and was called Nel-Spot 007. Production of these paintball markers was launched by Nelson Paint Company. In 1985 this company produced its legendary gun Splatmaster. The next breakthrough was made after developing semi-automatic Splatmaster Rapide gun, but the biggest change in paintball happened when Dennis Tippmann has developed a fully automatic gun called Tippman Smg60. The first electro-pneumatic paintball marker where exhaust become precisely controlled by electronic valves was sold in 1995.

Paintball markers have changed and greatly improved over the 20-year history of the this game. Todays variety of models and types of paintball markers is amazing: from the pump action and semi-automatic to fully automatic and electronically controlled guns.

All paintball markers are divided into 3 main types:
Pump action guns,
– Electronic paintball markers.