Pump action paintball guns

Pump action paintball markers are nonautomatic, it means that after each shot the player should manually send each next ball into the chamber. Classic pump paintball guns work with 12-gram air cartridges, which allows up to 40 shots.

Pump-action marker as a magazine has a tube that is parallel attached to the barrel. The capacity of such magazine is usually up to 15 balls. There are also guns with larger magazines and air tanks. Inside the pump action guns gas received from a cylinder pressurizes the valve of the chamber. Player needs bolt manipulation for charging. I works like Winchester 1902. When moving the bolt mechanism, the bolt is moved back, opening the hole through which paintball goes to the barrel. When moving forward bolt pushes the ball into the trunk. After that player can make a shot.

Such pump guns are significantly inferior to modern semi-automatic guns and of course electronic markers. These classic markers are related to the beginning of paintball.

There is such type of paintball game called stock game where players can use only pump guns.

The main advantages of Pump action paintball guns are:

  • Reliability;
  • The ability to operate under different temperature and humidity conditions;
  • Very low price
  • Cons of pump action markers:
  • Very low average fire rate;